[Will] What if one died intestate?

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Those who passed away without making a will is called intestate.

If one passed away not leaving a will make things more complicated and time-taking comparing to one died testate.

So, today we will be discussing  about what happens to the properties if one died intestate?

If one made a will before passed away, the properties of the deceased will be distributed according to his will; but if one didn’t make a will, the properties will be distributed according to Section 6 of the Distribution Act 1958.

To make things simpler, you may refer to the table below:

Parents, Spouse & Children1/41/41/2
Spouse & Children1/32/3
Parents & Children1/32/3
Parents & Spouse1/21/2
Parents onlyAll
Spouse onlyAll
Children onlyAll
No Parents, Spouse & Children1. Brothers & Sisters
2. Grandparents
3. Parents’ Brothers & Sisters
4. Great Grandparents
5. Great Grandparents’ Brothers & Sisters
6. Government

So, if one wish to distribute the property according to one’s will, then making a will is necessary. It can be specific to which property distribute to who, and can even distribute to person who is not in the groups above, for example friends, or even charity.

That is all for today’s post. We will discuss more in our next post. See you!

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