Is attempting suicide a crime?

Is attempting suicide a crime? In Malaysia, attempting suicide is a crime. Which law has been violated? Section 309 of the Penal Code: Attempt to commit suicide.   Once convicted, the offender can be punished with imprisonment for up to one year,
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Unable to present electronic road tax results in fine incident

  A man appealed that he was fined by traffic police for “no road tax” when he encountered a roadblock while driving his client’s car and could not show the physical road tax, nor access his client’s MyJPJ login information for electronic
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  一名男子申诉在驾驶他客户的车子时遇路障,因无法展示实体路税,又没有客户的MyJPJ登入资料,结果遭交警以“没有路税”为由开出罚单。 1. 即使我有还路税,如果我未能下载MyJPJ,当下无法出示电子路税,我会被开罚单吗? 交通部:不会,执法单位可以透过执法工具检查车子的路税及车主的驾照。 2. 如果开车的不是车主,民众要如何展示电子路税? 交通部: 1. 车主只需要将电子路税打印出来,然后放在车上。 2. 即使不能出示电子路税也不犯法,执法单位可以透过他们的工具检查车子的详情。