Is it illegal to buy and sell scalped tickets?

Is it illegal to buy and sell scalped tickets?

Simply put, it is not illegal.

There is no provision in the Malaysian Penal Code that specifically states that selling scalped tickets is illegal.

Although there is no criminal liability, there may be civil liability involved.

2 possible civil consequences may arise:

1. When purchasing tickets from the official ticketing agency, a contract is formed. Ticketing agencies often include clauses stating that tickets are non-transferable, among other terms.

When a person resells the ticket to a third party, this constitutes a breach of contract with the ticketing agency. Therefore, the ticketing agency has the right to cancel the ticket’s entry privilege and may not provide any compensation.

2. If the ticketing agency cancels the entry privilege, resulting in the buyer who purchased the ticket from a scalper being unable to enter the event, the buyer may file a civil lawsuit against the scalper for compensation.

Regardless of the reasons, it is still best to purchase tickets directly from the official ticketing agency.

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