[Divorce] Prerequisites for divorce in Malaysia

At the moment of entering the marriage hall, the couples who were holding their hands were all hoped to live happily with their partners ever after.

But life is never been easy. As time passed by, some couples they just could not live with their partners anymore. No matter what the reasons are, as long as you really decided to get a divorce, you need to understand the prerequisites for divorce.

When you are ready to divorce, please make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

1. The said marriage must be registered in Malaysia; this means that when you got married, you had to be registered through the Registration Board (JPN Bahagian Perkahwinan).

2. Both parties must reside in Malaysia when applying for divorce;
This means that both parties are Malaysian citizens or residents in Malaysia.

3. The marriage must be at least two years old or more. This means that you must be married for two or more years counting from the day you register your marriage until the day you apply for a divorce.

If you have met the above prerequisites, then you can start to understand the other terms of getting a divorce. But if you don’t, there is nothing to worry about. There are always exceptions and we will discuss the exceptions in our future posts.

Thank you for reading! We will continue to share with you the other knowledge about divorce in other articles.

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