[Divorce] How much does it cost to get a Divorce in Malaysia?

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There have been many discussions on how much does one have to spend for a wedding, including photoshoot, gifts, wedding ceremony etc. However, have you ever wondered how much does a divorce procedure cost in Malaysia?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Getting a Divorce in Malaysia

The biggest factor affecting the cost of getting a divorce is whether the husband and wife has agreed on the decision of getting a divorce, and also the terms of divorce.

Cost of Getting a Divorce in Malaysia

Mutual Consent Divorce: If both the husband and wife agreed to get a divorce and no dispute regarding to the child custody, division of property, maintenance fee for wife, maintenance fee for child etc. Under this condition it will count around RM3,000 to RM6,000; takes about 3 to 6 months.

Contested Divorce: If the husband and wife couldn’t agree on the terms and decided to fight for their rights, it will cost around RM6,000, even up to RM60,000, or even more. It depends on each case’s complexity. It will also take a year or even longer.

The reason that the cost for contested divorce is higher is because you may need to attend the court for multiple times and for each court hearing you have to pay legal fees to your lawyer. Your lawyer will do his professional job and saves your all the hassles and procedures.

Which path to choose?

The cost of getting a divorce could be high, so be sure to try to communicate with your spouse before deciding to get a divorce and the path you are going to take.

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