[Criminal Law] Father and son sexually assaulted 15-year-old girl case

Father and son sexually assaulted 15-year-old girl case

In recent news reports, a father and son are suspected of sequentially raping the same underage girl within an hour of each other in the same vehicle six years ago. Both were charged with rape.

The accused father, citing having 9 children and having suffered a stroke, requested a reduction in bail from the court.


Is having had a stroke and having multiple children valid reasons for reducing bail conditions?


In the criminal procedure code, the court has the discretion to grant bail for charges of rape, taking into account various factors, including:


1. The nature of the offence with which he is charged;

2. The apparent possibility of conviction;
3. The likely sentence;
3. His family lives and relationship within the community in which he lives;
4. His previous criminal record (if any);
5. His reputation, employment status and monetary conditions.

Therefore, after considering multiple factors, the judge has the authority to determine whether to grant the suspect bail and what conditions should be imposed.

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